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Welcome to BayeScores, an integrated platform for interpreting oncology clinical trials.

BayeScores uses state-of-the-art Bayesian modeling to comprehensively and intuitively assess therapeutic efficacy in published randomized controlled trials. The approach focuses on the most meaningful aspects of treatment efficacy such as the improvement of cure rates and the time to clinically meaningful outcomes.

Traditional measures such as hazard ratios do not represent this crucial information to clinicians. Furthermore, Bayescores can be dynamically refined by expert calibration to emphasize the aspects of treatment efficacy deemed to be most important to patients, clinicians, and other stakeholder.

The generated scores are designed to align and complement commonly used clinical benefit tools such as the NCCN evidence blocks, ASCO-VF, and ESMO-MCBS. Click to start your journey into the world of Bayesian oncology therapy assessments.