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Welcome to the NeoBreast/QoL-SEOM calculator website for localized breast cancer!

We have constructed an online calculator that predicts the global health status of women with non-advanced breast cancer, upon completion of systemic adjuvant therapy. This tool is a proof-of-concept of the need to investigate this endpoint using ordinal methods. Moreover, it can contribute to revealing the consequences of each type of surgery (mastectomy versus breast-conserving surgery), according to individual characteristics.

The calculator has been designed only for patients with these characteristics; therefore, we will verify eligibility criteria before you can access the application.

The data derive from a prospective cohort of the NEOCOPING study, promoted by the Continuous Care Group of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology. This study was designed to comprehend coping and shared decision making with respect to systemic adjuvant therapy.

While this model offers an overview, bear in mind that a minority of your patients may have unusual predictive factors, which could affect how their quality of life evolves. External validation of the model is needed.

Predictions are merely approximate, so decisions should be made at the discretion of the attending physician.

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